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Chemical Hazard Analysis

Hazardous materials analysis and hazardous materials inventory statements are critical to an industrial project’s successes. The outcome of a correct analysis reverberates through many other facets of a project’s design. ACS Group has extensive experience in all phases of hazardous materials analysis, including control area master planning, MAQ analysises and high-hazard Group-H consulting.

Dust Hazard Analysis

Although combustible dust explosions pose a serious risk to industrial occupancies, mitigation systems are often over designed. ACS Group collaborates with process engineers to generate dust hazard analysis in compliance with Chapter 22 of the Fire Code, and also reduce unnecessary overdesign.


High-Piled Storage Analysis and Permitting

High-Piled Storage requires interface between design teams and operations teams, and ACS Groups acts as that liaison. Effectively communicating requirements to both stakeholders promotes seamless project completion. ACS Group will generate High-Piled Storage reports in accordance with Chapter 32 of the Fire code. ACS Group will also produce permittable high-piled storage permit documentation for submission to AHJs.


Lithium-Ion Battery Protection Consulting

Strategic protection of Lithium Ion batteries, in electric vehicle (EV) and other applications, is on the cutting edge of the fire protection and life safety industry.  ACS Group has worked extensively with most of the large market players and has expertise in the most current and cost effective strategic fire protection and life safety approaches  to Lithium Ion Battery manufacturing, storage and recycling.

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