Fire Protection Consulting

Fire Protection and Life Safety Code Consulting

Provide clients with solutions related to fire code and building code consulting. ACS group strives to provide value-add options that incorporate input from all relevant stakeholders.

Fire Protection Reports

Fire Protection Reports and Tenant Improvement Fire Protection Reports are often required for building permits. ACS Group collaborates with design teams to generate FPRs and TIFPRs that are permittable and provide valuable guidance to the team.

Master Egress Planning

Master egress drawings, or Life Safety Drawings, are critical to a project's permit and overall life safety success. ACS Group utilizes its experience and expertise to maximize efficiency of the egress systems and allow spaces to be used as design teams intend them.

Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Design

Generation of fire suppression and fire alarm conceptual level drawings and specifications for private and public, government, military projects, and more.

Construction Administration Services

Services include contractor bid review and recommendation, contractor shop drawing review, system installation inspections and testing, and as-built drawings review.

Alternative Design and AHJ Negotiation

While ICC and NFPA Codes are extensive, they do not address every situation found in the built environment, and performance based design is often necessary. ACS Group are experts in navigating the regulatory and jurisdictional process required to present and negotiate performance based design with AHJs.

Third Party Design Review and Inspections

ACS Group will assist clients and jurisdictions through review of fire protection and life safety system design to ensure compliance with code of record, permit documentation and bid documentation.

Fire/Smoke and Egress Modeling

Rational Analyses are an integral tool for performance based design. ACS Group utilizes programs like CONTAM, Pyrosim, and Pathfinder to build complex building environments, and model project specific fire scenarios and occupant load distributions. Examples of these performance based designs are validation of smoke control system, travel distance extensions, and occupant load validation.

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